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Cowrie shells are no longer used as currency in West Africa, however their impact lingers. One of the first historical sources on cowrie shells as currency in West Africa dates back to the 14th century, when the explorer and scholar Ibn Battuta saw them in circulation in the Mali Empire. Cowries were used as a means of payment across a wide region of West Africa. They could be used to buy groceries and tools, pay taxes and tributes to political authorities.

Cowries were particularly suited to work as currency for a variety of reasons.They are durable, do not decay and rarely break, their supply was naturally limited and they were impossible to counterfeit.



- Lightweight

- 18k gold plated pendant

- Gold plated stainless steel chain links

- Dimensions: made to requested length


All our jewelry is made to last however make sure to visit our jewelry care page for details on how to care for your pieces.

Cowrie Necklace

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